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"Silver and Black Tissue: A Timeless Duo."

Sale priceRs. 9,500.00

🌟 Introducing the Elegance of Maheshwari Handwoven Stripes Saree 🌟

Crafted with love and tradition, this stunning Maheshwari Handloom Saree from Rehabar Handloom is a true masterpiece! 💖

🧵 Weaving Generations of Artistry: As a fourth-generation weaver from Maheshwar, I take immense pride in presenting this Silver and Black Zari beauty to you. Every thread tells a story of our heritage.

✨ Silver & Black Magic: The mesmerizing silver and black stripes, with a pallu adorned in checks of silver and black, create a timeless elegance that's perfect for any occasion.

🏞️ Inspired by Maheshwar: Our weaves are inspired by the serene Narmada river and the majestic Fort built by Ahilya Devi Holkar, which grace our beloved town.

👗 Pure Luxury: This saree is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. It's a blend of Handloom and artistry that you can wear with pride.

🎉 Embrace Tradition with a Modern Twist: Maheshwari Handlooms are not just sarees; they're a piece of history that meets contemporary fashion effortlessly.

🛍️ Buy this to make this exquisite piece yours and be a part of our heritage. 🌟

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Color:Black and White
"Silver and Black Tissue: A Timeless Duo."
"Silver and Black Tissue: A Timeless Duo." Sale priceRs. 9,500.00