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About Us

We are two brothers- Gulrez Ansari and Nasir Ansari, and together we run Rehabar Handloom.

Rehabar Handloom has its heritage roots six decades back in 1950’s when it was started by our grandparents, and soon followed in by our parents and now us. Rehabar Handloom is for us is not just a family heritage or a family business but a means to weave dreams of people together. Every member of our family from generation to generation has this notion inherent in our blood which is why; every member of our family is seen contributing to weaving the dreams together.

We have been practising weaving and other parts of handloom like dying, warping, bobbin winding, tassels knotting to name a few, for the past six decades.

We also specialize in weaving the centuries-old handloom masterpiece – Maheshwari Sarees, which originates from our own town- Maheshwar. The grandeur of the forts in Madhya Pradesh and their designs played an important part in inspiring designs, technique and motifs on the first Maheshwari Sarees weaved together. In fact, even today we try and include a sense of heritage when we design and weave Maheshwari Sarees.

We are associated with top fashion designers across the country who share their thoughts with us and we make them real with perfection.

We manage 50 looms altogether. Through these looms, we spin countless dreams.