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Return Policy

Rehabar Handloom is committed to ensuring the satisfaction of our customers. However, there are certain conditions under which returns will not be accepted. To be eligible for a return, the following criteria must be met:

  1. The item must be in its original, unused condition. It should not bear any stains, signs of sweat, body odor, or any other marks indicating use.
  2. The product must not be torn, damaged, or altered in any way. This includes maintaining the original packaging and folding as received.
  3. The product must not have been washed or dry cleaned.
  4. Our sarees are handloom, handwoven, and handcrafted, making weaving irregularities and color variations a common feature. Such characteristics are inherent to the craftsmanship of our products and will not be considered as defects or damage. For any concerns, please contact our customer care team for assistance.
  5. Products with vary in different shades of color cannot be returned.
  6. Products purchased during any discount, offer, or sale period are ineligible for return, exchange, or refund.
  7. Products ordered on a "Pre-Order" basis cannot be returned, exchanged, or refunded, unless found to be damaged.
  8. Returns or exchanges for designer sarees or sarees valued over ₹1,000.00 INR will only be considered in cases of manufacturing defects or if an incorrect item has been dispatched.
  9. Return address: Rehabar Handlooms, Matra Chayya, Moulana Azad Marg, Near Jama Masjid, Ward no: 15 Mominpura, Maheshwar- 45124, Dist - Khargaon, Madhya Pradesh