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Maintenance Tips for Silk Sarees | Rehabar Handloom

Maintenance Tips for Silk Sarees | Rehabar Handloom

We know that you love your silk sarees. That’s why we have brought you some of these incredible tips to maintain it. When it comes to choosing a saree, silk sarees are the first preference any woman would choose. But when it comes to maintaining the sarees, these are the ones that need the most care. Proper care would make your silk saree shine bright, making yourself and your personality look glamorous. Well, looking good comes with effort. Indulge in these maintenance tips for silk sarees by Rehabar Handloom.

Maintenance Tips for Silk Sarees
Maintenance Tips for Silk Sarees
Maintenance Tips for Silk Sarees

Maintenance Tips for Silk Sarees

1. Keep them in the Sun

Take out your silk sarees every 6 months and keep them in the sun. Keeping them under the sun would successfully prevent and fungal attack and unpleasant odor that your silk saree might have picked. This will also help in keeping the color and shine of the saree intact.

2. How to Clean Silk Sarees

There are often times when we indulge in activities that bring stains on the saree may it be oil or other liquid substance. Don’t ever wash your silk sarees frequently that will damage the fabric of your saree. Tussar sarees should only be dry cleaned. However, to wash any new sarees we first soak them in the saltwater, this will help the color to stay longer. It is always best to dry clean silk sarees and zari embroidery sarees.

3. How To Store Silk Sarees

This is the question every woman asks and is doubtful about. They should be stored in a cool and dry place. The sarees should be covered in soft cotton cloth or bag separately. Preserve your silk sarees by wrapping them in fabric or butter paper. Never keep your sarees in plastic for too long. Keep in mind to remove them when it comes from dry cleaning.

4. How To Iron Silk Sarees

You should be taking extra care of your silk sarees when ironing. Especially with Zari embroidery. It is always advisable to keep a cloth over the saree while ironing. Also, try to keep the iron at a very low temperature. Because too much heat can damage the soft fabric and embroidery of the saree. It is best to steam your expensive sarees as it lessens the damage to your expensive saree.

5. Removing Stains from Silk Sarees

The most common stain on our sarees is oil. However, Stubborn stains of butter, vegetable oil, or even cosmetics like lipstick can be dealt with by pouring talc or talcum powder on the stain and later removing it by soft brush. You should always act fast with your silk sarees by sending them to the dry cleaners.

6. How to Keep Silk Sarees Wrinkle Free

Don’t keep your silk sarees bundled up as it will entangle the threads of embroidery work. Fold sarees with heavy embroidery by keeping the work side inside to prevent tears or snags. Never hang them on hangers as they may stretch or tear the fabric. Moreover, the best way is to wear your silk sarees often without letting them be in your wardrobe for too long. 

Some more Maintenance Tips for Silk Sarees are:

  • Quickly seek dry cleaning with any type of stains.
  • Wash your silk sarees with mild detergents and avoid using chemical bleaches.
  • Don’t let them sit in your closet for too long, wear them often.
  • Keep your sarees flat, never let it bundled up.
  • Do not ever place mothballs/naphthalene balls/rodent repellents into the folds of your sarees.


Summing up, These were some of the maintenance tips for silk sarees. We hope that these tips will help your sarees to shine bright anytime you wear them.